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Business Secrets of a Jewellers Trade :-Jewellery’s Gold Purity is hidden from buyer -You may or may not kno
Business Secrets of a Jewellers Trade :- Jewellery’s Gold Purity is hidden from buyer - You may or may not know this but all gold ornaments that you buy are NOT made of 22 carat or 916 gold. Jewellery is mostly made with 22 or lower carat gold and mixing other metals. The difference between 22 carat and the one sold to you is the trade margin i.e. difference between 22 carat and 18 carat gold rate. To be more specific, jewellers sell you 18 carat gold with the price of 22 carat & earn Rs. 82000 On every 100 Gms. Jewellery Sale. Most of us don’t check the purity of our gold jewellery while buying because we always get the buy back assurance from the jeweller. This is the biggest catch in this business. As the Jeweler who sold the gold knows its purity, he would be able to buy it back with little doubt at 10-20% less than the prevalent market rate of gold at the time of buying back. On the contrary, Brilliant Cut In Chennai Sells jewellery after checking the purity of Gold on a carat meter In front of the buyer & buys any old jewellery bought from anywhere in the world at prevailing market price.
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